Quest Insurance

Quest Insurance

About Quest Insurance Group Limited

Quest Insurance Group Limited is a 100% owned subsidiary of Geneva Finance Limited.

Financial Strength

Quest Insurance Group Limited has been issued a Financial Strength Rating of B (Fair) and an Issuer’s Credit Rating of bb (Fair), with the outlook on both ratings assigned to ‘Stable’. These ratings were issued by A.M. Best on 11th January 2017.

A.M. Best Ratings Scales

Financial Strength Ratings

Issuer Credit Ratings

A++, A+ Superior C, C- Weak aaa Exceptional b Marginal
A, A- Excellent D Poor aa Superior ccc Weak
B++, B+ Good E Under Regular Supervision a Excellent cc Very Weak
B, B- Fair F In Liquidation bbb Good c Poor
C++, C+ Marginal S Suspended bb Fair

Quest Solvency Margins as at 30th September 2016

Actual Solvency Capital $6,094,500 $757,970 $6,852,470
Minimum Solvency Capital Requirement $4,184,045 $0 $5,000,000
Solvency Margin $1,910,455 $757,970 $1,852,470
Solvency Coverage Ratio 146% n/a 137%
  • Private Bag 14923
  • Panmure
  • Auckland 1741
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